About Us

Spice House is the ingenious idea of an adventurous entrepreneur with an obsession for details and artistic flair in dining. Born of Haitian descent and bred in Miami, proprietor Lino Joseph made the decision to deliver his passion for the restaurant industry to the burgeoning city of Atlanta.

Mr. Joseph's various travel throughout the West Indies would lead him on a search for great dishes, then returning home to spend countless hours preparing the newly discovered meals. In his quest, Lino identified the need in Atlanta for refined Caribbean restaurants, and thus Spice House was born in 2017.

The first restaurant is located in the beautiful Cascade Heights community. The Spice House Cascade location was revamped from an old gas station into a beautiful restaurant. The menu was developed from distinct dishes from some of the selected islands in the Caribbean including; Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and the Bahamas. Spice House focuses on unparalleled service and giving guest an unparalleled fine dining experience.